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Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome

Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome


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Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome

Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome

Free Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome Download details:

# File Name:Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome

# Games Category: Mission games

# File Type: PC Version

# Operating System: Windows/mac

# File Source: Internet

# Uploaded By:

# Download Server: Official/ Mediafire / BDupload or Indishare

# Link passwords: not Applicable

# File Size: Please check from Download Server

# File Updated date:  May 01 – 2016

Game Information

Game Name Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome
Developer(s) Alawar Entertainment
Publisher(s) Alawar Entertainment
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Network (PS3) PlayStation Network (PSP)
Release date(s) February 11, 2011
Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome One of the biggest old civilizations has gained the greatest power and it’s impossible to find the other one equal in forces. But Caesar as an experienced ruler can’t be pleased with it because the situation with inner economy is never steady enough to keep calm and feel confident about it. Each governor should be aware of those difficulties which stop the development of the empire.
To save it from poverty he always has to control the situation but Ancient Rome is so big that it’s impossible to look after the far away towns without one’s help. Here is the question for Caesar: where to find wise responsible people to become good assistants in the provinces? The situation can get worse so there is no time to waste. Caesar asks his adviser and his daughter for help. They will look for people who are able to rule in different districts of Ancient Rome but before that they’ll be taught and prepared for this job to be ready to solve every single problem without disturbing Caesar. They will also take you into account as you seem to be a suitable person for this task.
You’ll learn a lot of new things and strategies which will be useful for you. Each governor has to direct workers and merchants who are constructing new buildings. You must work hard and make everybody obey you not to irritate Caesar. Use all your skills and imagination to increase the tempo and rich the aim. Good results are only possible if you have good brains that help you to make right decisions. Show Caesar what you can right now and try your hand in creating history.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU: 800 MHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 90 MB

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