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Dragon City downlaod for pc windows

Dragon City for Windows, Cheats, Hack Unlimited Gems, Gold


Hello PC Game User! Are you looking for Download the Dragon City game for PC Windows version? here we provide your Desire Game the Dragon City PC version Download Link with all information of the Popular game. The Dragon City is an amazing fantasy social network game where you can be the ultimate dragon master. Social Point, a top rated social game developer, is offering this game. In this game, you will construct your personal city along with buildings, farms, and other inhabitants. In addition, you will fill your city with more than 500 dragons. Moreover, you will be able to breed and train a cute dragon to the fantastic beast who will defend your city.

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Dragon City downlaod for pc windows

How to Download & Install Process of Dragon City ON PC:

Do you know? What is Process of the  Download Dragon City PC Game? we firmly believe, it’s  will be a great facilities for you. here you can get early use to your computer & Laptop for Playing this Dragon city PC Game. If you are the social network gamer with mid-level skills and love fantasy game then Dragon City will be best for you. In this game, you will have your own island to build and dragons to train. There are more than 80 million dragon masters worldwide. So, why not join now. Here is the quick download link for Dragon City. Go to the link below and download the game with one click and Explore & enjoy Dragon City for PC on Windows with different types of dragons game which is the the endless journey with dragons.

Dragon City Game Features:

  1. To be a dragon master you need to acquire, breed and train the dragons. After training your dragons for battle, involve them in combat battle with other players.
  2. In order to level up, complete the dragon book by gaining more than 500 dragons.
  3. Besides the dragon training, you can build an amazing floating city to show other players.
  4. Arrange battle tournaments with other dragon masters and fight them with your highly skilled dragons.
  5. While upgrading, you can discover the ancient world and the guardian dragons.
  6. When you’re playing the game, you can be social too. You can visit your fellow dragon masters and also you can send a gift.
  7. Now you can log in to Facebook, play the Dragon City game and save it for later. Also, you can play it on other devices too. So, you have the opportunity to bring your dragons anywhere anytime.
  8. After all, new dragons are coming every week. So, you can gain more dragons to train and fight.

Dragon City PC Game Shark Codes:



Dragon City Cheats Code:  Source: supercheats.com


Dragon city breedings

Legend dragons

H + Electric = Star/Chameleon Earth + Dark = Hedgehog/Venom Earth + Ice = Alpine/Snowflake Earth

Earth + Fire = Volcano/Fire Rock Earth + Water = Mud/Waterfall Earth + Nature = Cactus/Tropical

Finally, No more words require about the Dragon city PC game download for Windows information. if you have any problem for download the game?  Please ask to us via the below comment box. Thank you


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