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Airline Tycoon - Evolution Cheats

Airline Tycoon – Evolution Cheats Code


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Airline Tycoon – Evolution Cheats Collection info:

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Airline Tycoon - Evolution Cheats

Airline Tycoon – Evolution Cheats

Airline Tycoon - Evolution
Cheat Codes:
Update by: Draconis
Submitted by: conner54

Type these codes directly during gameplay.Enjoy! 

Effect                        Code
Level select                - atmissall
More people at airport      - crowd
$10,000,000                 - donaldtrump
$1,000,000,000              - megarichman
Airport expands             - expander
Eliminate debts             - nodebts
All flights visible         - showall
Notebook                    - thinkpad
Glue                        - moreglue
Stink bombs                 - morestench
Increased reputation        - famous
See passenger thoughts      - bubblegum
Level skip                  - winning
Enemy has $1,000,000,000    - richenemy
All missions in Evolution   - evolutioncomplete
Days pass very fast         - attestxx
Character can move anywhere - attestit

How to unlock the Airline Tycoon – Evolution Cheats Game Cheat:

Looking for latest cheats working method of the Airline Tycoon – Evolution Cheatsgame? Although a single line was enough to describe the app. We are collected for you Airline Tycoon – Evolution Cheats with included Original Submitter info. it’s tested from By Real gamer.
  • How to use?

Now, read its features, guide and using process in the below step…

  • At first, Open from the below.
  • After that, using this code.
  • Play & Enjoy…
Walk very fast:
Go to the end of the airport near the museum. There is a vending 
machine located here. Click on it. You will get electrocuted, but
afterwards you will have a pop in your item bar. Click on it. You
will be able to temporarily walk extremely fast. Anytime you need
another pop, just click on the vending machine.
Note: If you first get the gloves off the counter at PetrolAir you
will not be zapped when you get the can from the vending machine.

Airpetrol backroom:
Enable the "All secret items and novelties" code. You will see a 
violin case. Go to Airpetrol and give that item to the Airpetrol 
man. Exit Airpetrol and click on the fire extinguisher. You will 
go through a revolving door. Click on the man inside and he will 
sabotage your competitor's airline for you.

Customize airplanes:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup 
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 
"builds.csv" file in the "game\data" folder. 
The format for the parts is ID TAG, NICK, COST, WEIGHT, POWER FACTOR,
You can edit the settings to your satisfaction. 

All secret items and novelties:
Type donaldtrump for $10 million. Then, press [F6] to get all secret 
items and novelties.

Quick money:
To get lots of money in a very short period of time, type megarichman 
then hold [F6].
  • Game Name: Airline.Tycoon – Evolution.Cheats
  • Category: Game Cheats
  • Code Submitted by: David K
  • Last Updated: 03-04-2017
  • Password free: (N/A) Direct link without passwords
  • Source: Internet

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