How to Add Download Links to IDM from a Program |

How to Add Download Links to IDM from a Program


If you want to know how to add download links to IDM from a program, then you are in the right place. Now, the IDM is a very useful and powerful downloader. It can download any file from the internet five times faster than all other tools. And, this tool has many other features also. Now, in this article, we will show you how to add download links to IDM from a program. So, read the below article.

What Is IDM?
IDM the word which stands for the Internet Download Manager is very useful and reliable download software. This software has multiple parts of safe downloading technology for music, videos, games, documents, and other files. Now, it has a smart download accelerator technology that makes it speedier every time. Besides, it can increase the downloading speed of any file up to five times faster. And, you can do schedule downloading with this tool. However, the download manager fixes large errors and makes them resume capability.

Now, this tool tries to fix download failure because of lost connections, unexpected power down, Internet problems, etc. Moreover, this software has the feature to keep your device safe from viruses, malware, and other harmful files.
The user interface of Internet download manager is very simple and easy to understand and use. Now, all the required options to complete control are available in this software. And, if you are interested in any changes, then you can also do it. So, Download Latest IDM tool from this site to get faster downloads. We are providing this tool on our site completely free.

Key Features of IDM
Now, the IDM is very popular and amazing software to download any file from the internet. And, this tool has won an award for its amazing service. The reason for its success is its features and those features are given below.

The Internet Download Manager supports more than 150 browsers. Besides, this tool supports Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Opera, AOL, MSN, Avant, Netscape and much more.
Windows OS Support
Now, the IDM tool supports the Windows OS. And, you can install IDM on any Windows operating system.

Faster downloading Speed
The IDM tool has the feature to download the Android videos, Android APK from APKND.Com or any file five times faster speed than normal speed. So, you will be to get anything from the internet very faster.
Multilingual application
The IDM supports multiple languages. And, you may configure it on your home language.
Update Notification
This software has the great feature to notify when a new version of this tool will available for you.

How to Add Download Links to IDM from a Program?

Now, we are going to tell you the process to add download links to IDM from a program. So, listen carefully. You can add links to IDM by passing the “-d” argument to IDMan.exe. From in your program or script, (you can use ShellExecute or the equivalent in whatever language you’re using,) call [IDM Install Path]\IDMan.exe -d [link]. Now, [IDM Install Path]: The directory where IDM is installed (eg. C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager). After that, [link]: The URL you want to add to IDM.

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Finally, it is needless to say that the IDM is amazing software to download any file from the internet faster. You can download this tool from here free. And, notify us if you have any question about this article “how to add download links to IDM from a program.”


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