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Act of War - High Treason Cheats

Act of War – High Treason Cheats code


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Act of War – High Treason Cheats Collection info:

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Act of War - High Treason Cheats

Act of War – High Treason Cheats

Act of War - High Treason

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Syed Ikram Shah [shah_king2005(at)]  
Submitted by: H.C. Jasperse 

While playing, press [ENTER] then type any of the following 
cheat codes.  Press [ENTER] again to activate.

How to unlock the Act of War – High Treason Cheats Game Cheat:

Looking for latest cheats working method of the Act of War – High Treason Cheats game? Although a single line was enough to describe the app. We are collected for you Act of War – High Treason Cheats  with included Original Submitter info. it’s tested from By Real gamer.
  • How to use?

Now, read its features, guide and using process in the below step…

  • At first, Open from the below.
  • After that, using this code.
  • Play & Enjoy…
Code                  Result
fortknox            - Add $1000 Cash 
keyholemaster       - Reveal Map 
ineedalltechnos     - All Tech 
yeepeekaye          - Nuclear Strike at Cursor 
bigbrother          - Unlock Camera Mode 
motherrussia        - Summon M80 Tank 
coolihaveanewcar    - Summon CIA Armored Van 
coolimthepresident  - Summon U.S. Predisent 
swatatyourorders    - Summon SWAT 
ymca                - Summon U.S. Cop 
greenjelly          - Summon U.K. Cop 
bringoutthedead     - Summon Ambulance 
duckhunt            - Summon a Flying Duck 
blackhawkdown       - Summon SA12 Anti-Aircraft Missile

Camera mode:
After enabling the bigbrother code, hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] and 
press J to cycle through the different camera modes. These are: 

Mode 1: Controls the "X", "Y", and "Z" axis 
Mode 2: Controls only the "X" and "Y" axis 
Mode 3: Normal 

To control the axis, you can use either the cursor keys, or the Left 
Mouse Button + Mouse Wheel. If you go through all three modes then 
hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] and press J again, you will start back at Mode.
  • Game Name: Act.of War.- High.Treason.Cheats
  • Category: Game Cheats
  • Code Submitted by: David K
  • Last Updated: 1-04-2017
  • Password free: (N/A) Direct link without passwords
  • Source: Internet

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